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Автокозметика Mabanol

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Mabanol Engine Coolant BasicMabanol Engine Coolant is an ethylene glycol
base engine coolant which effectively provides
year-round protection against corrosion,
cavitation and prevents the formation of rust, frost and deposits. It is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates.
It contains agents that hinder the formation
of foam and the product is neutral to metals,
rubber parts and sealing materials.
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Mabanol Engine Coolant PremiumMabanol Engine Coolant Premium is based
on mono-ethylene glycol (1,2 ethanediol) and is developed for use in cooling systems in internal combustion engines.
Mabanol Engine Coolant Premium is free of
nitrite, amine and phosphate as well as
silicate. It provides protection against
corrosion, cavitation and deposits and
reduces the formation of foam.
As with any antifreeze coolant, the use of
galvanized steel is not recommended for
pipes or any other part of the storage and
mixing installation
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