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Mabanol Krypton Eco 10W-30 / 10W-40Universal Tractor Oils (STOU)
Mabanol Krypton Eco 10W-30 and 10W-40
are multigrade multipurpose oils (STOU) for
the uniform servicing of units in agricultural
equipment and building construction
machinery.These oils are intended for use in diesel andpetrol engines, including turbocharged diesel engines, and for use in hydraulic systems and transmissions with combined oil filling. They can also be used in axle drives where API Class GL-5 oil is not
designated. For this application Mabanol Radon Gear GL 5 hypoid gear oils are recommended.
• SAE Grades 10W-30 and 10W-40 (Engines)
• SAE Grades 80W-85 and 80W-90 (Gears)
• ACEA E2• API CF-4/CE/SF (Engines)
• API GL-4 (Gears)
Approvals / Recommendations
• Caterpillar TO-2• Allison C4
• John Deere JDM J 27 D
• Ford M2C 159 B/C and M2C 134 B/C/D
Approved under a different title
• MB-Approval 227.1• MIL-L-2104 D
• ISO VG 46 to 100• HLP, HLPD, HVLP (Hydraulics)• Massey Ferguson MF CMS M1139/ M1144/M1145
• Case MS 1206, MS 1207, MS 1209
• ZF TE-ML 06C, 06F, 07B
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Mabanol Krypton Eco UTTOHydraulic Transmission Fluid (UTTO)
Mabanol Krypton Eco UTTO is a specialist
oil for the servicing of farm tractors and
construction machinery with common oil
systems for gear boxes/final drives and
hydraulic systems (UTTO).
Mabanol Krypton Eco UTTO satisfies the
requirements of all the major tractor
manufacturers. The use of this product is
also recommended if the specifications listed
below are demanded or recommended.
Mabanol Krypton Eco UTTO hydraulic
transmission fluid features excellent cold
flowing characteristics and its flat viscosity
temperature curve makes it extremely
suitable as an HLP hydraulic oil with ISO
viscosity grade 46 to 100 for hydraulic
systems in construction equipment. When
used for transmissions Mabanol Krypton Eco
UTTO fluid exceeds the requirements of API
• SAE Grade 80W-85 resp. 10W-30
• ISO VG 46 to 100• API GL-4
Approvals / Recommendations
• Caterpillar TO-2• Allison C4• John Deere JDM J 20 C/D• Ford M2C 86 B/C and 134-D
Approved under a different title
• Case MS 1206, MS 1207, MS 1209
• Massey Ferguson MF CMS M 1135,
M 1141, M 1143, M 1145• New Holland FNHA 2-C-201.00• Volvo WB 101• White Farm (AGCO) Q-1826• ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 06K
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